Maximize Your Income


Relationships are key to success; we do business with superior vendors throughout the city. Our continued business with them ensures quality pricing  and we pass that savings on to you. When we go out on repairs we want to fix the problem the right way and as efficiently as possible. There wont be multiple trips or padded hours on your bill. If outside work needs to be done we will provide you with multiple quotes so you can choose the best work for the price. We want you to make more money so that you can purchase, and list, additional properties with us.



We use state of the art software that can be accessed from any computer at anytime. Applied property Management has no secret from its clients the link we provide you automatically updates every 60 seconds. Preview the software at

Tenant Screening


Placing good tenants will stop 99% of your problems at the door. Not only do you want someone who is going to pay the rent but also you want him or her to treat the property as if it was his or her own. We perform a credit check, a criminal background check and a detailed reference check before placing a tenant in your property. We take it a step further by trying to meet the perspective tenant at their current residence; this allows us to see their current living conditions. Once a qualified tenant is identified we execute a lease agreement. Leasing fees are a flat rate per unit with a one-year guarantee. If the tenant moves out before the lease terms then we will re-rent the unit at no cost to you.

Rent Collections


Our policy is to rule with an iron fist. Rent is due on the first of the month. After the fifth it is deemed delinquent and late fees are added. We then will send out formal three-day notices along with phone calls to notify the tenants that rent needs to be paid. On the tenth we begin to make visits to the property, at no cost to you and on the fifteenth we will go down to file a petition with the court. Consistent late payments will not be tolerated. Often we find tenants like to push the limits to see what they can get away with. If the policy is firm from the start, and enforced, we find that people pay on time.

Property Repairs


Quality work is performed in a timely manner. Our job is to diagnose the problem and fix it right the first time. Owner Kevin Bush has over fifteen years of hands on construction experience. Our contractors are licensed and skilled in all areas of construction. This service is available at an affordable labor rate of $35 an hour. We believe in being efficient and then moving on to the next job. If a very complex job is completed in an hour then you will only be billed for an hour.
We will save you thousands of dollars a year by eliminating flat fees, service charges, fuel charges, astronomical labor rates and all other hidden fees.

No Job Too Small


At applied property management we understand that every investor has different needs. There is no need to sign a full management agreement. We can handle evictions, leasing, emergency calls and anything else you can think of. Contact us today with any questions. References from clients will be provided at your request.

Real Estate


NYS law requires any property management company to have a licensed real estate broker. Frank Procopio is a licensed real estate broker with a background in income property. He started as a leasing agent ten years ago and has hands on experience in deal with everything from rentals to multi-unit sales. Let him help you with all your needs.

Retaining Your Property Value


There is nothing worse than walking into an apartment after a tenant has vacated and finding out you have to pay an astronomical amount of money for repairs. Regular drive-by inspections are conducted. Quarterly inspections of the property are made to ensure that the tenant is maintaining the unit in sufficient manner. We also offer preventative maintenance checks for your mechanicals.  Our name will be on your property and we take pride in that. If something needs to be fixed we are going to let you know about it.

Financial Services


Easy to understand monthly financial statements are generated on the 15th of every month. Our services can include paying the expenses associated with your property such as mortgages, utilities, taxes, etc. These payments, along with other expenses, are deducted from your collected rents. The remainder can then be sent out via check or deposited into a bank account of your choice.

Management Fees


Each management agreement is tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients. Whether it be a set fee or a percentage of collected rents is up to you. Every investor has a different philosophy a feature that we like to encourage.

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